Rows and rows of earrings…






  1. Cheshire Cat · October 31, 2009

    I assume the latter is a closer view of the former’s constituents?

    • Sonali · October 31, 2009


  2. Divjot · November 3, 2009

    Have you seen any DVD ripped movie? When its not rendered well, at some instants the screen is filled with large coloured pixels(or whatever) with an irritating sound of scratching a metal.
    I do not know if you got any hint of what I am trying to say.

    This first pic here, is something like that. At first I thought it to be the same.

    Sugoi! Sonali-san.

    • Sonali · November 3, 2009

      😀 😀 Point taken Dj-san!! Btw, what’s Sugoi? Is it something like “Don’t do this again!!!” 😀

      • Divjot · November 3, 2009

        I told you earlier as well, in japanese Sugoi means great.
        Where is your memory? 😀

    • Sonali · November 3, 2009

      Oh, sorry forgot completely. I guess Japanese is not one of my competencies 😀

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