To process or not to process – II

So, the “strange lake” pics I took, look like this if I add a “cyano” touch to them. Looks pretty good actually, but, it’s not what was there in reality but what I created with a processing tool. Again, it’s not easy to decide which ones to post – the originals in B&W or the processed versions which convey something very different from what was actually there.

With cyano processing

Original in B&W


  1. Cheshire Cat · January 5, 2010

    I’d want you to post originals. If there’s something extraordinary that the processing does, or conveys a different intent altogether, then post the processed pictures alongside.
    At the end of the day, it depends on what your intent is. If it’s to learn a skill involving a camera, stick to originals. If it’s to learn photoshop, stick to processed ones. And if it’s just for getting good images anyhow, well, then you are free to spend your time and space as you will anyway, and processing or not matters little.

    • Sonali · January 5, 2010

      What if there’s no specific intent really? Not as yet atleast.. 😀 Maybe it’s more about having fun?

      But yeah, I’m not a fan of processing to the point that it creates something else altogether. There are things like HDR techniques, and you can add lights/shadows/cut paste stuff….hard to define a line!

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