Concluding Warangal – Ramappa Temple

Ramappa temple is located about 64 kms from Hyderabad, and is a must visit if you are in Warangal – if not for the temple, then for the drive atleast which is quite scenic (lots of greenery and lakes).

Quoting from Wikipedia, the temple is named after its sculptor, Ramappa, and apparently it took 40 years to build the temple.

En route Ramappa Temple

It has definitely rained a lot this time. Saw these signs of “flooding/too much water” in one of the lakes –

Trees and electricity poles partly in water

Ramappa Temple

Temple ceiling

Having been built in 1213 AD, the floor of the temple has caved in from multiple places since then. The stone slabs forming the floor have tilted and been pushed inside by all the weight. The photograph below shows two slabs that have tilted due to the weight of the pillars on either side.

Temple floor

Inscriptions on a pillar outside the temple

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