Crazy ’bout Coffee in Hyderabad ctd…

I went to Udipi in Indiranagar, Gachibwoli (approx location) tonight. It’s a south indian restaurant with great food, and really nice filter coffee. It’s an awesome experience to stand on the road and have some nice coffee in winters 🙂

Udipi is pretty much a roadside restaurant with hardly any sitting space and tons of customers because of the nice, cheap food. It was therefore a little strange for me at first to take out my camera and take any pictures. In fact, I ended up having way more coffee than I originally intended to :D, while gathering the courage to take out my camera. Finally, I did take it out, and received a fairly nice response (most people either continued eating or looked curious), while the coffee guy was happy to get photographed 🙂

I couldn’t get any decent shots though, mainly because it was dark and I didn’t want to stand there with my camera for long. This is the best one I got, but it conveys the spirit!



  1. Vikram Sharma · March 20, 2011

    cool! This guy is my friend. 🙂

    • Sonali · March 20, 2011

      ? He is?

  2. Vikram Sharma · March 20, 2011

    yupp, on account of I going there everyday.. 🙂

    • Sonali · March 20, 2011

      🙂 Funny never bumped into you there!

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