Crazy ’bout Coffee in Hyderabad ctd…

Went to a coffee place after a long time today 🙂 This time it was the new My Caffe Latte joint in Whitefields (near F Bar and Lounge).  I really like the place – it has got a lounge-y feel, the coffee is nice, the food is good, the booths feel great, the interiors are great covered with old movie posters, they music is good, and they have a projector screen where they screen movies on weekends (or have some movie channel running, like today). I’m sure I’ll be going to this place more often 🙂

Nice coffee and nice menu!

The interiors


  1. NEETA MANGAL · April 5, 2011

    nice shot !! Gives a pretty clear idea of the place n yes the place does seem to have pretty cosy walls and ceilings !!

    • Sonali · April 5, 2011

      🙂 Yes,it’s a pretty nice place!

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