Crazy ’bout Coffee in Hyderabad ctd…

My desired destination today was some place else, but I was unfortunately unable to locate it 😦 But since I was out anyway, I ended up going to the The Square at Novotel instead. This is of course one coffee shop that every Hyderabad resident has been too, if not for any other reason, then for the fact that being located in a five star, it is open at all times 🙂

I ordered a cup of filter coffee. The coffee is good, and it is served in utensils which reflect how filter coffee is actually had by South Indians (supposedly!) 🙂 While it is supposed to be poured out into a bowl to help cool the coffee, the coffee was not hot enough to require any such cooling 😀

I did however come out poorer by 175 bucks!! 😦


  1. Rahul · April 17, 2011

    Good one !

    • Sonali · April 17, 2011


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