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  1. satish · February 13, 2012

    How one survives its beyond imagination of a person who has never been there ! I have been in Kargil and Drass in J&K, India long back for three days during my Four year stay in Srinagar but that was Sweet September of 1989 , The Official version says that the ‘ Drass ‘
    is the second coldest place in December & Jan months ,after Siberia on this Planet. THe Temp goes to (-) 55 -60 Cels. One of my Cousins, then a J&K Govt official , who rescued Jozi La Tragedy Persons witnessed this harsh winter. I will try to share some of the photos .

    • Sonali · February 13, 2012

      Yes, we met a person there who’d been part of an expedition to the South Pole. I guess he was so used to the cold, that while we were freezing in the cold, he appeared very comfortable without any gloves or thick jacket on, and even got into the cold water with utter ease!

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