A visit to Old Delhi

It’s been an eventful trip to India. First year of MBA just got over and I am back in India for a bit to visit family and friends after one whole year. Much has happened…things have changed, people have changed, I have changed. New perspectives have been gained. A chapter in life has ended and a new chapter has begun. Life can indeed take unexpected turns.

Having spent most of my vacation coming to terms with this realization, I finally went out to do what I knew I loved – photography. It’s a shame that despite being brought up in Delhi for the most part, I’ve hardly seen any monuments in this historically rich city. And so I decided to pay Old Delhi a visit.

The Metro of course made the trip so much more delightful than it would have been earlier. I personally love taking the metro (I’m only 4 trips old though :)), and reached Chandini Chowk in air-conditioned bliss :). The stark contrast as one comes out of the metro station is perhaps something unique to India – from the clean, cool, and modern environ of the metro station, one enters the chaos of Chandini Chowk. As I threaded my way towards Jama Masjid, I passed a trash yard, a Nirulas cart, a ‘thela’ selling masalas, and rickshaws that would not stop even if you were standing right in front of them.

But, despite its quirks, contrasts, heat and sheer number of people, I still love India. Or maybe that is what I love? πŸ™‚ I miss India there, and cannot wait to get back here, soon.

I did not really take many shots. The heat eventually did get to me, and maybe I was too lost in just looking around to bother much with taking photographs. Even so, I am sharing some of the better photographs I took. The monuments are Jama Masjid and Red Fort.

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  1. satish · June 11, 2012


    By providing a glimpse in these historical world fame monuments, you allowed people like us to peep in to our rich heritage. Its fact that despite living in the City for such a long period, we are ignorant of these magnificent creations. Well Done————!

    • Sonali · June 12, 2012

      Dear Mr. Satish – thank you so much for your continuous support and encouragement! It means a lot to a beginner like me πŸ™‚

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