A walk through San Francisco – I

I recently moved to San Francisco for my summer internship. There’s so much I’ve heard about this city, so today I decided to use my Saturday to generally explore the city. I love to simply walk in any new place I visit – it’s a great way to get a feel of the place. I googled things to do in San Francisco, and found this article on TIME.  Trusting the source, I thought I’ll check out the mentioned places. Of course, as luck would have it, I could motivate myself to get out of the house only by 3pm, forcing me to pick and choose from the list. I thus decided to pay Coit Tower a visit, affording a long walk through the city, and the promise of a great view.

For all the hype about the weather, I find San Francisco fairly chilly, and even more windy. With the temperature at 57 degrees, and winds blowing at 18mph, the walk was good as long as I made sure I walked in the sunny patches, and was well clad 😀 I guess it’s better than the east coast though. Walking was a good idea, it gave me some idea about the layout of the city. I crossed Union Square (well known for upscale shopping, I passed stores like Ralph Lauren and Armani Exchange), and even Chinatown somewhere along the way.

After about a 40 mins walk, I reached the stairs leading up to Coit Tower. I have to say, I did not make the right choice in terms of the destination. Coit Tower is perhaps one of the most “touristy” things you can do in SF, and today being a Saturday, the place was teeming with tourists. The tower is supposed to have great murals inside, but I think it was fairly usual stuff.  However, the base of the tower did give some great aerial views of the city and the surrounding bay, albeit blocked by tree branches.

Having put in the effort, I did not want to miss the opportunity to get to the top of the tower, for which there was a line. This was a bummer, as after waiting in line for almost 20 mins (and another 20 mins to get down), the tower top is quite a letdown. It’s a tiny top, with small windows to peek from. And I thought I would be in the open at top, shooting some great city views!

The walk back was more interesting. There were many lanes shooting off from Kearny street that seemed to harbor nice cafes (I found many on Bush Street), places that I may want to check out in the future.

From a photography perspective, it really wasn’t a good day. My best shot was that of a GEICO airplane flying over the city with a GEICO banner (this sort of advertising does not happen in India, maybe that’s why I found it interesting :D)

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  1. Vivek · July 30, 2012

    Nice color effects! What are those stairs?

    • Sonali · August 4, 2012

      The stairs have the names of the people who contributed to the conservation of the tower engraved on them.

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