A visit to SF MOMA

For a long time, I’ve wanted to visit the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, and I finally got the time to do so today.

Given that this is a museum of modern art, there was a lot on display that I did not quite get 😀 I mean, when I see a painting which is really just three squares of different colors, one inside the other, I do wonder…”Really?!!!” 🙂 But there was a lot on display that I did like. I enjoyed viewing the paintings by Clyfford Still on the 2nd floor.

The photography section was not inspiring. Also on display was Cindy Sherman‘s work. She’s a photographer and so naturally I wanted to take a look. She’s…different. She models herself for most of her photographs, uses extensive amount of make-up and costumes to bring out different scenes and emotions. A lot of her work is really quite…scary and discomforting – there are no other words for it. I don’t think I came away inspired, although there were some photographs, mainly her centerfolds, which I liked.

Her work may not be something you would hang on your walls (at least in a house that wants to have a generally peaceful vibe), but it is definitely something unique, different, and thus worth viewing.

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