Abstracts at the Lotus Temple

Today I went to the Lotus Temple for a short while. A Bahai House of Worship, it is a beautiful structure made of marble, and open to all religions. Shaped like a lotus (and hence the name), it is a nice place for a quiet little evening.

Given its shape, the Lotus Temple is a great place to shoot some abstracts. I do feel that someone who has spent some time studying buildings and architecture could have done much more justice to it!

Lotus Temple front face













Lotus Temple Petal













Pigeon on Lotus Temple leaf













Lotus Temple Side View

One comment

  1. S P GUPTA · January 7, 2013

    Yes, it s magnificent structure, I visited this once and found very calm and quite place . I have seen this building from a distance on a number of times as this was visible from my working Seat on 14th floor of the Tower where I used to sit for my work for almost Six years. It came in existence somewhere around in 1980 and since then it has been a place of worship for some and more of tourism attraction for a lot who visit Delhi. It s identical to Opera Building in Sydney.

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