The proverbial Christmas tree

Right at the center of the mall, drawing oohs and aahs from passers-by with few stopping to get themselves photographed in front of it. The mall is visibly decked up in its full glory.



It’s that time of the year when everything’s lit up (apart from Diwali maybe ?). There are little lights and decorations adorning all corners everywhere. The look is very festive, although one does wonder at times at the amount of money and energy that must be going into this. Christmas and New Year combine to produce a peak in a lot of things – celebrations, parties, decorations, lights, consumerism.

I’d gone to a mall today, took some shots that caught my eye.

Star shaped lamps add to the festive mood in a coffee shop

Splash of Red

The other side of Diwali

“Bombs” are a popular feature of Diwali celebrations in India. Unfortunately, they’re accompanied with a LOT of noise and smoke. And as statistics go, louder is the bomb, the more “fun” it is.

This is a shot of ONE bomb producing so much smoke….