Gol Gumbaz at Bijapur

The Gol Gumbaz at Bijapur is really quite a structure. Like the name, the Gol Gumbaz is a very imposing structure, exuding power and dominance. While the Taj Mahal looks feminine and graceful, the Gol Gumbaz looks quite masculine and powerful 😀

The Gol Gumbaz is one of the largest domed structures in the world. It also boasts of a Whispering Gallery with fantastic accoustics. The king and queen stood on opposite ends of the dome and communicated in this way 🙂

The beautiful Paigah tombs – I

The beautiful Paigah tombs, located near Char Minar, were a revelation. I assumed I would find something very similar to the other tombs that exist in Hyderabad. Instead, while the tombs are in a state of decay, the craftsmanship on display here is still pretty amazing. Apparently, the tombs represent a blend of Mughal, Greek, Persian, Rajasthani and Deccan style of architecture.

Around Badami – Pattadakal

Pattadakal is a small village in Karnataka, India. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, located about 22 kms from Badami. It has a collection of ten temples from the 8th century, built by the Chalukya dynasty.

The temple complex

Galganath Temple

Virupaksha Temple

Intricate carvings

Puja in one of the temples