Crazy ’bout Coffee in Hyderabad ctd…

A new coffee shop called the “C Factor” has opened up recently in Hyderabad. Or maybe I’m seeing it for the first time! 😀

I liked the place from a location and ambience perspective. It looks onto an empty by-lane, rather than a traffic ridden main road, and has space for sitting outside although I doubt the Indian weather would allow it. With a TV inside and magazines on each table (which can be more carefully chosen), the place can be a decent hangout.

On the flip side, the Cafe Mocha I ordered was not up to the mark, and the service was tardy 😦


Crazy ’bout coffee in Hyderabad ctd…

I like the idea of a coffee place inside a bookshop. It’s so nice to read while sipping on some nice coffee 🙂 The Odyssey bookstore in Hyderabad has a tiny Cafe Coffee Day  inside. While not like your typical CCD, I still like it because of its location. And of course, CCDs coffee is pretty nice (better than Barista’s I think!)

Crazy ’bout Coffee in Hyderabad ctd…

My desired destination today was some place else, but I was unfortunately unable to locate it 😦 But since I was out anyway, I ended up going to the The Square at Novotel instead. This is of course one coffee shop that every Hyderabad resident has been too, if not for any other reason, then for the fact that being located in a five star, it is open at all times 🙂

I ordered a cup of filter coffee. The coffee is good, and it is served in utensils which reflect how filter coffee is actually had by South Indians (supposedly!) 🙂 While it is supposed to be poured out into a bowl to help cool the coffee, the coffee was not hot enough to require any such cooling 😀

I did however come out poorer by 175 bucks!! 😦

Crazy ’bout Coffee in Hyderabad ctd…

Went to a coffee place after a long time today 🙂 This time it was the new My Caffe Latte joint in Whitefields (near F Bar and Lounge).  I really like the place – it has got a lounge-y feel, the coffee is nice, the food is good, the booths feel great, the interiors are great covered with old movie posters, they music is good, and they have a projector screen where they screen movies on weekends (or have some movie channel running, like today). I’m sure I’ll be going to this place more often 🙂

Nice coffee and nice menu!

The interiors

Crazy ’bout Coffee in Hyderabad ctd…

This, is one place you can try only on certain occasions – when you’re inside the Hyderabad airport, taking a domestic flight 😀 Waiting to board my flight, getting a cup of filter coffee was an obvious choice to kill time. I could choose between Indian Paradise and Idli Factory, and my first choice was Indian Paradise – simply because its coffee is 5 bucks cheaper 😀 😀 But they were as usual crowded and had a long queue. Idli factory on the other hand was empty (I guess being at the far end of the airport does not help). Paid 60 bucks for okay-ish coffee (I wish airports could be cheaper :().