Crazy ’bout Coffee in Hyderabad

The combined effect of being an ardent coffee fan and having some random ideas while driving to the dentist today (:D), I decided to do a “Coffee Project”, where I would go to a different coffee place in Hyderabad each day and try out their coffee. Don’t ask me “why, what”, just seemed like a fun thing to do 😀

Good thing about Hyderabad is that there are a few places which serve some nice filter coffee, and sometimes the best coffee is found at run down, roadside shops 🙂

For starters, I went to Minerva coffee shop today (right before Jubilee Hills check post, on the left side). It was on the way to the dentist and convenient for a short stop on the way back. The place is okay-ish, attracts mainly an older crowd, ambience is slightly on the dull side.

I ordered a cup of filter coffee, which was pretty nice actually (to my layman tastes :D), although a bit on the sweeter side. I took some photos with my beloved HTC Mozart running Win7 OS, and went a little crazy with the pre-loaded photo enhancer it comes with 😀


The place