Moving my blog to SmugMug

Hello, I’m slowly moving my photos to my new photoblog on SmugMug. You can access it here (although I’ve uploaded very few pics as of now). The reason is mainly because WordPress is more suited for text, photos playing more of a “supporting role” to whatever the author is trying to convey rather than being the primary focus themselves.

I did come across some photoblog themes but overall I did not find the photo rendering that great in WorPress. It’s better in Flickr and even better in SmugMug. Perhaps there are still better photoblog services out there but SmugMug seems pretty good for now.

I’m not very sure how exactly I’ll manage the transition – I’m thinking I won’t just abandon WordPress altogether right now 😀 For a while I’ll continue to upload here, then slowly move to SmugMug completely. However, this blog will still be present and provide a link to SmugMug.

Let me know how you guys find my new blog! 🙂