Profiling the Unseen is published as a photobook in Taiwan!

Hello fellow Glimpses readers 🙂

My project “Profiling the Unseen” was picked up by a publisher in Taipei and will be published as a photobook in Taiwan in the coming weeks. Check out the book cover below!


I will update this space once I have the link to order the book.

Also, to stay updated with my future projects, do leave your email ID below. I’m also putting together some videos with some of the people who have been featured in the book so if you’re interested in those, do share your email!

Photo Book – Glimpses of India

My first photo book 🙂 It’s a collection of ten of my photographs, ranging from the Himalayan glaciers in the north, to the historic palaces in the south, interspersed with captures of life on the streets. The photographs are brought together in a hand made book, that makes for a great piece for the coffee table 🙂

Random ctd…

I’m currently reading “The Agony and the Ecstasy” by Irving Stone. It’s an autobiographical novel of Michelangelo. I’ve read about a hundred odd pages only so far, but man….Michelangelo sure knew what he loved 😀 I mean, the novel begins with a thirteen year old Michelangelo sitting in front of the mirror, figuring out all that is “wrong” with his face and what a “perfect” face would look like.

I wonder what I “naturally” did when I was that young…perhaps that would have provided some indicators to what I’m “meant to do” 😀 Sure would’ve made life a whole lot easier!