Photographing babies

A few days back I tried to take photographs of a little baby girl I have come to know over the last few months. Very cute, and an exceptionally happy child, I thought it would be a piece of cake.

Of course, it wasn’t.

Photographing a child is really really hard. First of all – they will never do what you want them to do. Ask them to sit on something, or stand in some place, and of course, all they can do is try and press the buttons on your camera. So, Tip No. 1 – have another person with you, whose sole job is to play with the baby and keep him/her engaged. Second – babies never ever stay still. If they’re sitting, they’ll keep shaking their heads and hands. If they’re upright, of course they’re running. So, Tip No. 2 – use sports mode, in the hope that one of the shots will turn out great.

And overall Tip No. 3 – have a lot of patience. I guess that goes without saying, given that we are combining photography and babies 😀

Here are some of my more successful attempts at an otherwise fairly hopeless endeavor 🙂 –

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Around Badami – Aihole

Aihole is a small town , about 50 kms from Badami. The interesting thing about this place is that the village settlement is sprinkled amongst the ruins. Various temples and structures are located behind the villagers’ huts, and it’s easy to find locals sitting in these ancient buildings for a leisurely chat 🙂

Villagers in Aihole –

Our local guide, who went by the name of Prabhu. He wasn’t really an official guide, but then he was very eager to show us around 🙂

Prabhu and his friend Nagarjuna –

Trying to show us something called “Ulta Pulta” 😀 Still can’t figure out what that quite was…

Rock cut caves in Aihole –

Structural temple architecture –