Dancing Silhouettes

From a recent dance performance I photographed….

Dancing silhouette

Dancing silhouette

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San Francisco Belle

I was walking along the Embarcadero in San Francisco a few days back. With the temperatures soaring close to 80 degrees, it was a rare but welcome warm and sunny day in SF. I spent some time getting coffee and enjoying the rich food aromas in Ferry Building, after which I started walking in the direction of Fisherman’s Wharf.

I think it was the pier right after Ferry Building, or perhaps 2 piers later – I was generally photographing the Bay Bridge and boats, when I noticed this girl in a large sun hat, holding a long stemmed red flower, dancing on the pier, fairly oblivious to everything around her. This wasn’t a performance for the benefit of onlookers. It seemed more as if she was practicing. She would try steps for some time, and then suddenly throw her hands up in frustration if she wasn’t happy with the outcome, sit on a nearby bench for a while, and then try the steps again.

Many people stopped by and watched – she danced beautifully. Yet, she seemed to be in a whole different world of her own.

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