Crazy ’bout Coffee in Hyderabad ctd…

A new coffee shop called the “C Factor” has opened up recently in Hyderabad. Or maybe I’m seeing it for the first time! 😀

I liked the place from a location and ambience perspective. It looks onto an empty by-lane, rather than a traffic ridden main road, and has space for sitting outside although I doubt the Indian weather would allow it. With a TV inside and magazines on each table (which can be more carefully chosen), the place can be a decent hangout.

On the flip side, the Cafe Mocha I ordered was not up to the mark, and the service was tardy 😦

The beautiful Paigah tombs – I

The beautiful Paigah tombs, located near Char Minar, were a revelation. I assumed I would find something very similar to the other tombs that exist in Hyderabad. Instead, while the tombs are in a state of decay, the craftsmanship on display here is still pretty amazing. Apparently, the tombs represent a blend of Mughal, Greek, Persian, Rajasthani and Deccan style of architecture.

Crazy ’bout coffee in Hyderabad ctd…

I like the idea of a coffee place inside a bookshop. It’s so nice to read while sipping on some nice coffee 🙂 The Odyssey bookstore in Hyderabad has a tiny Cafe Coffee Day  inside. While not like your typical CCD, I still like it because of its location. And of course, CCDs coffee is pretty nice (better than Barista’s I think!)