Philly at night – I

Almost everyday, I pass some really beautiful, well lit buildings at night here in Philly, on my way back from school. Each time I remind myself to get my camera some time at night to capture the lights. It is only now, after almost three months, that I finally took an almost impromptu decision and went out at night with my camera. My tripod was used for the first time here in the United States 🙂

Even so, I went mainly to the Walnut bridge today. From there, it is possible to see the Amtrak building and some other historical buildings on one side, and long winding road on the other side.

In the image below, the blue building behind is the Amtrak building. The golden building in the front is an important building, don’t remember what it was though 😀

Walnut bridge, Philadelphia

On the other side of the Walnut bridge is the long, winding road.

Long, winding road with cars

A little closer to the golden building. If only there were more cars here…I would have got more light streaks on the road! 🙂

Philadelphia at night



One of those days when you’re quiet, feel thoughtful, look at photographs, and want to take photographs yourself.

Black and White car driving at night