Random ctd…

Blurred Art

Sometimes you get a photograph from the most unexpected of places. Such as a moving car, when you’re praying hard for the photograph to come out still and sharp…but then…you see…and the blurred effect is not half as bad as you thought! 🙂

This one reminds me of fire

Colors seem to be more like brush strokes

Philadelphia – first impressions part 2

The ceiling of an apparel store here, they get the benefit of being inside a beautiful old building

Apparently there's an entire French Quarter here!

Ornate railings along the side

Broad Street leading up to City Hall. The statue of Willam Penn, one of the founders of Philly, adorns the top

Each street lamp on broad street has these lights attached. Looks quite pretty....

I was amused to see another photographer on Broad Street trying to get some pictures!