One of those days when you’re quiet, feel thoughtful, look at photographs, and want to take photographs yourself.

Black and White car driving at night

Night Market in Philadelphia

It’s been a while since I posted something 😦 Took some pictures at the Night Market in Philly yesterday but they all came out pretty bad! Still posting the best of the lot.

Night Market was held in the Chinatown area. Food was pretty tasty although the lines were huge. There were various stalls selling all kinds of food. I like the photo below as you can see the chef’s hand’s impression through the pizza base 😀

Making sugarcane juice

Enjoyed some sugarcane juice in the wee hours of the morning in Gandhinagar. It’s a well planned city, but very dead in the morning, even at 9:00am! Sugarcane juice is the best thing we could find at the time 😀